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Another scrunchie, this time in a fluorescent red. I used this project both to get rid of some left over yarn AND to learn/try a new stitch. In Dutch it is called the river-stitch:

I found the description in an old handwork book (on knitting, embroidery, sewing and crocheting) my mother had lying around. Basically, you knit all the rows, but on the uneven rows you wrap your yarn two more times around the needle before you actually knit the stitch!

It is fairly easy, but it is hard to do it evenly. That's why I'm glad it became a scrunchy as now it doesn't matter that the stitches aren't all the same in length

I especially had troubles with the sides. I also did the cast on way too tight, so I decided to bind off tight too as those edges would be joined together. But in the end I decided to sew them together as if there was a row of very wide stitches again.

It may not be noticable, but I had 5 stitches left of the BO edge when I was done with all the stitches of the CO edge . I don't know what I did - but I was too lazy to correct it as it doesn't really matter for the end result...

I put the elastic in and sew the long edges together loosely.


Wearing it
It seems so easy...
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