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Need help with a YO after a purl stitch followed by a knit stitch
I am working (after starting over because I cannot read -_-) on this adorable waffle blanket. See waffle blanket on ravelry
I am having a little problem with the last YO of the second row, which goes as follows 2: *P4, YO*. This is followed with 5 knit stitches to create the border. My problem is that the last YO puts the yarn in the wrong place to knit a stitch. I tried it a couple of times and it never seemed to come out right...Does anyone know how this should be done?Also, on the third row (3: *drop YO, YO, Sl1, K 3, PSSO*) which direction should the YO after the drop YO (which is just literally dropping the stitch? That feels SOOOO wrong) should go, knit or purl ways? Thank y'all
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