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Socks: 4 or 5 needles...preference?
Just curious about something...

I've been knitting socks for years, I've knit countless pairs, always on sets of 4 dpns. Right now, I'm knitting socks on a set of 5 needles, and it's driving me crazy! I didn't expect there to be much difference, but I seem to be unable to control more than 4 needles! They jab and poke and are constantly in my way. I'm about half done with the foot, and I think I may switch to a set of 4 dpns for the second sock...if I decide to continue this pattern, which I'm really not enjoying (Embossed Leaves, by Mona Schmidt). (This pattern is full of weirdness, in my opinion, and I've had to make lots of personal adjustments.)
So, I was wondering if anyone else has a preference for a specific number of dpns when sock-knitting?
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