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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Well done GG! The slippers look great. They knit up very nicely.
Thanks. I think if a sane person knits them in the recommended yarn with needles that are more appropriate to the yarn, they would be very fast to make. Mine didn't take long but most people don't want to knit a yarn version of wooden shoes.

Originally Posted by DavidSydney63 View Post
Grumpy one, they are wonderful. Do the come in BIG size, for men? I've got huge feet (13 inches).
Thanks, David. You could make them any size you want. My feet are about 10 in. and next time I'll just work another round or so for more length, if I use the wooden shoe prototype version, normal knitting would be just fine as written. One reference I've come across was add 4 CO stitches to go up a size. You could work a few more rounds on the sole but as it also increases the width you wouldn't want to rely only on that alone unless your feet are really, really wide. My son wants some and his feet are about as long as yours. I won't make his such a tight knit they stand up on they're own. My hands would never forgive me. Maybe I'll make the sole like that, but the top will be yarn and needles more closely matched to work more easily. If I used the super bulky yarn and 9 mm needles it suggests or one size smaller, that would make them noticeably larger by itself. I might try the super bulky yarn and smallish needles for the sole then switch to a bulky yarn for the top of the slipper. I think working a fold down cuff at the top would be nice. I find they're not deep enough so I altered that on the first pair. Next time I'll knit more plain rounds before beginning the short rows shaping. These have so many possible ways to vary them it makes my head spin. When you try them, let us know what you do, please. I have until Xmas to make up 5 more pairs in different sizes. That's 5 opportunities for screwing around with the pattern!
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