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We named him Fortune because we said that is what he would cost us! He was a real angel. He didn't bark unless he wanted you to let him out, he didn't bite, no matter what I did, ie having to stick pills down his throat, he was very gentle, loved kids though we don't have any in our house he loved the grandsons, especially the 13 yr old. When we took him to the vet for shots, he never even whimpered and on Saturday they had to give him a shot that she said every dog reacted to because it hurt and stung going in but he just took it quiet as a mouse. He will be missed by us big time as we brought him home from the breeders and had him almost 14 years.

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Your sweater is going to be beautiful and in a lovely, soft color. Enjoy wearing it on the cruise.
Sorry to hear about your yorkie. He does look grand in his sweater. They just become such a part of the family, don't they? What was his name?
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