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Originally Posted by SisterSpooky View Post
Hello. I am new to the forum, I discovered this forum as I was desperately seeking a solution to my knitting dilemma. I'm hoping someone here can help me with this problem...I am losing my darn mind here! lol here is the problem...

I've tried knitting this thing twice and the same thing has happened both times. I've been very careful to make sure I am not doing anything incorrect to cause this, but happens. The pattern begins to increase by at least 1 stitch (by row 14). I've ripped it out (thinking I just did something wrong) and then the next round I was VERY careful to make sure I was counting and doing everything spot on and low and happened again!

Can anyone tell me what is going on? Why does it keep happening? Is the pattern flawed or am I making a mistake in the knitting and just don't realize it? Please help! I love this pattern design and I really want to knit a scarf for someone, but I don't know enough about knitting to fix this problem. If it were crochet, I would know exactly what to do...but I am not as experienced with knitting to be able to re-write or repair something like this. :(

Please help!!!!!!!!

Hi there and welcome! There are alot of experts here, and I'm sure they'll chime in shortly. The math seems to work out, with YOs to balance out SKP and SK2P. If you can post a picture of your work in progress that will go a long way towards figuring out what is happening.

Just guessing off of the top of my head, it could be the increase is coming from the first stitch. It often wraps itself up (the silly little bugger that it is ) and looks like 2 stitches when it's really only 1 stitch.

I still have to pay a goodly bit of attention to make sure I don't increase accidentally in my first stitch.


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