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FO: Spicy Salsa "Rabbit Tracks" Scarf
Well this was a fun little scarf to knit! First of all...the yarn was hanging around,
leftover from a vest I knit this year sometime. So that's all good, too!

I have another Rabbit Tracks OTN, in solid buttery yellow, but I should hold off finishing it until vacation. Rabbit Tracks is a great project for riding along in my husband's truck. Don't need notes, or charts...
plus, the WS is just purls. So you have a 'resting row' in between the RS rows.

A 4-row repeat is easy to memorize, too. BTW, I cast on the 27 stitches recommended by the designer.
It creates a more substantial far right edge and far left edge column. I must say, I agree with her.

I soaked/handwashed/rinsed the scarf to clean the Malabrigo. Plus the added bonus of shaping. This scarf really wanted to roll due to the fact that all the stitches on the RS are really knits. I have a feeling the rolling will stop once it's dry and unpinned. Just a hunch....

It's 7.5" x 59" blocked. It's for a granddaughter. I have 8 of them. Haven't decided which one yet...

I like how the colorations of gold, orange, red, lime, and pink
played out. Like there was a single thing I could do about it
anyways, right? Must just as well like it! Less stress....

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