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Originally Posted by Woofens View Post
LOL at the black n gold fans! Those orange, brown and white Browns colors look perfect to me!!
Well, if I sort of scrunch my eyes a certain way and use a LOT of imagination, I can make my brain think it's seeing Cleveland Browns White & Orange.

But in the NFL, I follow the 49ers, more or less (used to follow them quite closely). The last 10 years or so, they've been a real bust, out of gas, nobody at home at the top, who's the coach this year, etc. Now we have the Illustrated Man (apologies to Ray Bradbury) at QB and Jim Harbaugh at Coach, but the Youngs still at Owner. :( Must admit, though: the team did make it *to* the Superbowl last year, but the Illustrated Man just wasn't ready for the big time and threw victory away in the last minute or so. (Probably busy thinking about what new ink he wanted and where to put it--many of us 49er followers had suggestions! )

So, no, I'm not "pushing" the Steelers, just letting ya know what the warm blanket looks like on my monitor.
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