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I thought it was very sad when the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. Nevermore.... It was a poetic name with a real connection to Edgar Allen Poe and the city of Baltimore, but a certain NFL player, last name of Lewis, took it a little too seriously....and seems to have escaped (or talked his way out of) Very Serious Legal Charges Indeed. :(

At least Cleveland *has* a team again. Baltimore didn't have one for years and years after the Colts sneaked out in the dead of the night and went to Indianapolis in the--what?--early '80s?

Of course, here in the S.F. Bay Area, we have the Raiders. I think (?) they started in Oakland, then went to L.A., then moved back to Oakland, costing municipalities everywhere Big Bux. And the S.F. 49ers are stabbing S.F. in the economy, building a stadium 50 miles south of San Francisco, in the town of Santa Clara right next to San Jose, where they're scheduled to start playing in the next season or two. Ptui! It's very difficult to remain a Niners' fan right now; they're doing everything they can to smack us down.
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