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It is tough, no doubt about it. I got up the other day when I didn't see him on the couch and started to look for him. Things like that are what do me in. We will be ok and he is at rest now. I have always said you don't keep a pet around for your benefit when they are too ill to go on. We tried everything, but he knew it was time too. We have a great vet office and our vet tech let us love on him and gave us the opportunity to stay or not. We just couldn't stay til the end so she promised us she would stay and love on him to the very end and she did. We sat in the lobby. Thank you for being so kind and understanding.

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Love the sweater!

I am so saddened to hear about your little Yorkie! The same thing happened to us when our 14-yr old Shih Tzu needed help to leave this world....then two years later, our 15-yr old Llasa Apso. It killed me to euthanize them, but it was more painful (for them) to stay alive. Being a good mommy means making the hard decision to let our pet rest in sleep for their sake, rather than force them to stay alive for our sake.

Oh I cannot tell you how much I feel your pain. I hope you are feeling better soon.

FYI: two days after our 15-yr old Llasa Apso was gone, by husband carted me out to see a box of 8-wk old Shih Tzu puppies, and said "Pick the one you want". I brought "Katie" home...and as it turns out, she is the best of both of our deceased dogs put together in one package. I found it impossible to be deeply sad when Katie was bouncing around needing love, attention and care.

This is Katie, my constant companion and knitting buddy! She's almost 9 now.
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