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Originally Posted by FuffyKnitter View Post
Hello everyone! My name is Marianna and I am stay at home mama looking for a hobby/creative outlet. I tried to learn how to knit a few years but got so frustrated. I threw my needles across the room and gave up. I lack patience and am trying so hard to over come that. I walked into my local knitting store in the small town I live in for the first the ever the other day. The owner was so kind and talked to me for a few minutes to encourage me to give knitting another shot. She is the one that pointed me to this website and I am so grateful! This is exactly what I needed and I am excited to get started!!
Hello from a fellow North Carolinian! People here are always willing to help out; the owner of that shop certainly pointed you in the right direction. I hail from Winston-Salem, have only been knitting for a few years myself, but if you find yourself up my way I would be more than happy to share what experience I can. Knitting is a wonderful world, welcome back!
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