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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Both versions shown in your photos are great! Nice choice of yarn, too! Thanks so much for all of your input and notations! Very thoughtful!

Do you keep a Raverly notebook, Gramma? Would love to look in on your work over there...
Thank you so much. I don't keep a ravelry notebook. I'm not organized enough to manage anything like that. I wish I were. I mostly just do the pattern time suck there.

Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I noticed that these slippers have two pdf Biscotte versions for download.
As far as you know, are there any differences?
One is in English the other isn't. I think the one on the left is English, I got lucky and got the English version and didn't know why there were two until I read a comment about it.

I think I will try the seamed version too. I also think they would lend themselves well to knitting the sole so it can be replaced. It could be knit separately and then sewn on or the top could be knitted and then pu&k to add the sole. What I really like about these is their sort of shoe-like appearance. They could use up small leftovers of yarn and make multi-colored tops. Lots of possibilities.
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