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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I'm not laughing. I'm thinking of how many times I've frogged and restarted to frog and restart to frog..... I'm glad you found the larger needles work well as it will be a faster, easier knit for you. It often surprises me that fine yarn and needles that seem too large go well together.
Hey GG - I know you wouldn't laugh about the

There is no way in the world I will have the shawl finished by weekend after this one, so I guess that was the joke. Evenings and weekends won't get me there by then. I think the ruffle may take an entire weekend. I've started looking at shawl dimensions to get an idea of how long I want it to be, and I haven't timed it yet, but I'm willing to bet it is now taking more than an hour to knit an inch. And I think I just found a mistake

DH used to get a little upset when I had to but today remarked that if you you

I'm beginning to feel more comfortable about the larger needles and the finer yarn. I left the Telluride LYS with two very different thicknesses of yarn for the same project and was a little freaked out when I made the discovery, but while visiting the Santa Fe LYS the owner left me feeling a little more confident about the choice.
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