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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Oh my, I've got my own special lakeside property at the Frog Pond!

I saw your shawl on ravelry, it is delicious! Iíll certainly be using lifelines with one of my next projects, a complicated lace shawl. I'm certain they will instill confidence and as you say, less mistakes.

This pattern (Lalaís Simple Shawl) is actually pretty straightforward and now that I am not slipping the last stitch, it is easier if I need to frog. And the seed stitch pattern makes it easier to catch mistakes. I begin and end these rows with the same stitch, alternatively, knit stitches on one row, purl stitches on the next. If I have a knit stitch at the beginning and a purl stitch on the end, well I know I messed up. The yarn is thin and sticky so knitting two stitches together is a mistake that is easily made, but fairly simple to discover and repair.

Well, I am having the time of my life. Having more than one project going at the same time has made a world of difference. And I am so motivated with this shawl, every day it grows more and more.
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