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I've been so busy (with knitting a.o.t.) that I haven't uploaded this thread for a while . Stupid, for now I really have to think back to recall what I've done...

After the failure of the Scotish Ajour Cable I did try another with a HaringBone pattern. I played around with the width, but was never quite satisfied. This is the finished product:

As you see, it curls like mad. So I pinned it out to show how it looks a bit better:

Not that impressive...
I tried it on.

Nope, not what I imagined. So I tore it apart

Then, instead of focusing on different (cable) stitches, I switched to experimenting with I-cords (And I went crazy ). More about that later.
I did do one bracelet with a lace pattern, as I liked the headband and wanted something to match. I'll post that one later in the thread I have on hair accessoiries. Hopefully within the next 24 hours... I don't have a procrastination problem...
It seems so easy...
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