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The next project was a headband, as no matter how many hairties I use somehow I always have some strand of hair which tries to obstruct my view. I googled "knit lace hairband" and then realised it had to be "knit, lace, headband". I then usually go to "google images" so I can see what the finished product might look like. That is, if there is a pattern to be found... otherwise I'll digg into all sorts of knitting sites and books to find a similar pattern

But this time I was lucky and I found what I was looking for:
The Fiona Knit Headband, a variation on the February Lady Knit Headband
As the yarn I wanted to use wasn't worsted but rather thin, I used 1mm needles instead though - I never realised the implications untill I started knitting Oh well, it turned out nice

I did knit it over a couple of times, as I really couldn't go back to the mistake I made and just ended up undoing the whole thing (3 times over, 1 time halfway!). I really need to teach myself to fix mistakes or to use more and more lifelines...

Here is halfway, it really curls

I didn't do the 3 needle bind off as I am confinced it shouldn't be used when you aren't knitting in stockinette - or at least not by me because it frustrates me So I just stitched the edges together.
Here's the front:

And the back:

The whole of it:

And while wearing:

I made a bracelet with the same pattern to go with it:

And the back with the seam:

Now I just hope they won't stretch too much...
It seems so easy...
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