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Working the Gusset
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@ GG - I misspoke there. I had first worked the last stitch 'through the back loop', not slipped it, although I do seem to have problems getting the last stitches the way they are supposed to be if I slip them/frog them and redo. I think the new glasses would have helped here. The yarn/thread is just so tiny. We need an emoticon for a 'wee little thing'.

Washed the sheets today and just made the bed so DH could go to sleep, ahhh, me time, no TV , more less So I used up all of the first ball of yarn, 249 yards of yarn/thread, why does it seem like it was so much more?

I used the 'Russian Join':

Remarked to DH that I could barely see the join. DH says "Isn't the way it's supposed to be?", stating the obvious

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