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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I love Noro with garter stitch! Your scarf is wonderful!

If there is a 'next time'...try something a little different for a Noro garter stitch scarf! Cast on the widthways...and knit up about 4-6"...however far you can get!

Here is my Noro Kureyon scarf, knit it up this past year for an example of the variations you can create for garter stitch scarves for the Knitting 101 class I was teaching.

The swaths of color don't become so wide when you're knitting Noro widthwise. Well, not that there's anything wrong with wide swaths of color. I just wanted to show something different for garter stitch and a self-striping yarn.
What is the length on that scarf?
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