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Originally Posted by wwright707395 View Post
I purchased a Wonder Loom from Savers and did not notice it did not have directions in the box. It is not the wonder sock loom. This loom is made of plastic and is quite large. There are four long parts of the loom (probably about 2.5 feet for each part). There is a number stamped on it "R-60-4552". I have tried searching the web for the number and for the name but I have not found anything. The pictures on the box look like they are definately from the 70's. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I would really like to use the loom...just dont really know where to start.
I purchased a Wonder loom on Ebay. Was wondering if u had found the directions yet. Because my loom had a perfect set of directions. If u would like...i can scan them into my computer, to send u a copy. Let me know...ok
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