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Hello all. I appreciate the help you all gave me before, but I've run into a snag on my project. I've worked through one and a half skeins an all of a sudden notice that I have somehow switched rs and ws. I have no idea how this happened, but on one repetition of the pattern, the "pretty" side was on what had been up to that point the wrong side. Luckily I was using a security thread so I easily ripped the mistake and reinserted my circ needle. Damage is minimal (only one row is left mistaken) but now I'm nervous about moving forward. Can anyone tell me how I made this mistake and how I can avoid it? I thought it might have something to do with the round of the work being away from me or toward me (if that makes sense). I tried to include pics but couldn't upload them. I think the file was too big. I'll try again later. I appreciate any help y'all can give in advance.
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