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Originally Posted by pixiepurls View Post
Lion Brand Bunny Blanket Buddy

Isn't it cute? I ran out to Joann's and got the yarn for it yesterday and I'm over half done already. Velvetspun is a fairly nasty yarn but I wanted it to look just like the photo. It has some YO's in it that show up more if you don't use a fluffy/bulky yarn so I went for the nasty velvetspun btu I think it'll be worth it once I am done!

Anyone want to knit this with me? It's REALLY quick and could easily use up extra stash! Knit it in something washable tho. I am already dreaming of a Rowan Calmer version, or even Plymouth OH MY! I think would be REALLy perfect for it!
So adorable!!! Love the color
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