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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
If you're just a row away from the missing row, you could try tinking back that single row. It's a bit tedious for so many sts but do-able. That said, I think your suggestion to add an extra row in now will work too. The dark yarn will work in your favor because it'll hide these kind of mistakes. (Of course, reinseting the needle into a knit row is ideal, as GG suggests.)
Your afghan so far looks lovely, btw. Beautiful work.

Oh, dear. I didn't make what I meant clear. I wasn't suggesting that's the way to do it, just that seeing the video and knowing the option is there might help Greg choose the best course of action. The more we know the more options we have open to us. Working with the missed row might well be the best way this time and I have no problem with that. I'd probably have ended up doing that very thing or frogging it all before I had more experience and might still do it.
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