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Originally Posted by SisterSpooky View Post
Wow! Thank you all so very much for each suggestion/tip!

This has certainly been a frustrating project for me as I haven't been able to figure out what/how/where things went wrong. I will certainly apply the suggestion of using stitch markers (I have never really had a use for them before, I guess now is the time to start using them).

RE: Taking a photo....

This is the scarf before ripping it out...again.
That's a lovely pattern stitch, Spooky! It will make a beautiful scarf. The end stitch shown looks good. Is that the row with the extra stitch? If so, salmonmac's suggestion of checking each stitch on that row is an excellent one. Another suggestion is to take your work to your local yarn store and ask them to take a look at the row. Often your LYS has someone working there who knits. If so, thats another option for you to try.


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