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i found these listed on ebay,

might check there too

Originally Posted by Laceluvr View Post
There were several makers of the nylon circular needles. I have several that I bought in the late 60's & 70's from the Super Yarn Mart (a chain of stores that sold yarn/knitting/crochet & neelework supplies). Some were made by the Hero company which is no longer in business. Most of the ones I bought were from the Boye Co. & also Susan Bates made them, and also Marcia Lynn. I have emailed Susan Bates to see if they had any old backstock of these needles for sale. I also asked if they would consider making them again. I got no response, so now I Google "vintage nylon knitting needles" and have bought some on the internet ( is a good source). These all nylon knitting needles are my favorites as they are perfect for lace knitting which is what I love to knit the most. Since they are one continuous length of nylon, they have no join that can snag the delicate mohair and fine wool yarns that are used for lace knitting. Perhaps if we could get enough people to write to Susan Bates, they could be persuaded to re-manufacture them. In the meantime, I will search the internet and haunt yard sales to find them. They are well worth the effort.
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