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I've been practising Icords the past month or so and finally have the time to post the result.

My first try was a red, 4sts Icord. I made it long enough to go around my wrist a few times - and it turns out that this is also a perfect length to serve as a hairband:

Round my wrist:

I then picked my grey thin yarn and went on trying all sorts of things, getting inspiration from google image with the search "Icord, bracelet". Here is a picture of them all:

FIRST is the longer Icord, which goes around the wrist about 4 times. Mine is about 16cm, so I went for 4x16=64 and an additional 2cm per side for the button - 68cm in total.
I just put this Icord double and sew the ends together with a button on top:

Wearing it:

NEXT, I wanted to make one with loops on both ends, like this. However, as my yarn is this thin (and so are my needles) it didn't quite come out like that. The loops get a bit lost while wearing it:

It goes twice round the wrist, so one might go for 16x2=32cm - but there is some overlap (I chose 4cm) so I knitted a total of 40cm. Just sew the ends together and bind a loose thread around it to form the loops. Sew a button on one side:

That should do it

THIRDLY, I just used the fact that I had 3 shades of grey - no, not 50 .

I braided the yarn ends together and here's the result. Front:


A FOURTH idea was this beautiful love knot bracelet:

I had to try a couple of times to get the knot right, but I figured it out. The dark grey Icord is not 32 but 33cm long as I figured the knot would take some length away. The light grey Icord was 11cm on my first try (1/3 of the length) and I quite like how that worked out. As for the knot itself: first sew together the 11cm Icord so you get a circle. Then for the first half:

And the second:

Then I just sew the dark grey Icord together. You can also use a button and a crochetet chain loop if you have wide hands and a small wrist - that way you won't have to stretch the bracelets too far.
I also made one that is 'just the opposite':

I am quite surprised how much I could make with my grey yarn - I still have some light grey left, but after making a few bracelets for some friends I'm finally through with the dark grey :cheer: And all that out of such a small ball!
It seems so easy...
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