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How to go about finding a specific pattern
This is such a long shot but I have to ask before I drive myself insane. Several years ago I went to Stitches in Hartford, CT and saw a woman in a beautiful cabled pull-over sweater. But I didn't ask her where she got the pattern from. And it's still bugging me all this time, so I've decided to ask on here if anyone would happen to know of the name of the pattern or seen it. I went to Stitches in IL yesterday and didn't see it so I'm left at the mercy of my fellow knitters.

The other problem is that I only really remember one main distinguishable cable on the whole sweater. Yep, told you it was a long shot. The cable started at the bottom left of the front and went straight up halfway then curved to the right all the way across the front and then curved up to the top right of the sweater. All one continuous cable. There were more cables of course but this one cable just stood out to me as so unique and beautiful.

So if anyone has any idea what the heck I'm talking about I will be forever in your debt. If not, then I will keep looking until I find it. Thank you!
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