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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
So I followed her lead!

I'm knitting a black Mara Shawl right now, using Ella Rae's "Latte" yarn. It looks and feels almost like Malabrigo Merino, but it is heavier. Prolly heavy worsted. Anyway, I'm using a US 10.5 for it! It's creating fabulous stitches, wonderful drape. Plus, I'm sailing through it. It won't take as long to reach that 46" width goal! Yay for that!

The black Mara is for me. I'd have kept the cream Mara if my daughter didn't like it. But she LOVES IT.

Ella Rae Latte is 30% alpaca, 30% milk, 40% microfiber (whatever that is). It's a real soft single ply, so it pills if you even look at it wrong. Good yarn for a shawl rather than a cardigan, which is what I originally bought it for.
I look forward to seeing your Ella Rae Mara! I want to make another one, too, but I haven't decided what fiber or even what color I want to make. I think I need a short break from all that garter anyway! LOL Using a 10.5 would definitely speed it up a bit.
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