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Found it! I guess I forgot we had one we were still trying to fill up. Sorry about that.

Susan -- if you don't mind, I'll put you at the end to donate Patriot Pets.

Here's my latest blanket list -- are there any updates?

I still have Blue Skies and am nearly done with it; just one or two more rows. It took me awhile to get started -- I didn't knit most of the summer and I kept forgetting I was supposed to be working on it.

I've started knitting again, since not knitting wasn't working out for me. It seems I have to knit continuously or not at all; I couldn't stop and then start back up for a small project -- I just kept putting it off because "it's small and quick". It's not small or quick if I *never* work on it.

I may need to move the list around a bit for Sunrise Snuggle, depending on where it is right now. It may be okay the way it is, but if Kari is in line for two blankets at once, I may switch her with Susan.

Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
Current Snuggle Lists:

Blue Skies:
1. KristinMei
2. Katie/sakura-panda <-- Currently knitting
3. Kari/kdodge8
4. Kari/kdodge8
5. Lizars1735

Sunrise Snuggie (pinks, purples, yellows and blues)
1. maryknitwit <-- Currently knitting
2. salmonmac
3. Kari/kdodge8 (after Blue Skies)
4. Susan/susauehl
5. Lizars1735

Patriotic Pets:
1. salmonmac
2. salmonmac <-- Currently knitting
3. maryknitwit
4. KrisitinMei
5. susauehl

Looking for knitters:
None! All have been assigned and are moving along.

Done and waiting for photo:
None! All are posted for free viewing on the blog!
Sounds good to me.
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