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I finished my section of Blue Skies last night -- it just needs to be photographed, packed up and sent out!

The rest has nothing to do with pet blankets; apparently now that I've decided to resume knitting, I want to go on and on about it!

I'm trying to make cotton placemats. I have yarn -- two skeins of the same color (Red Liquorice) -- and a pattern.

(I also have one skein of white chocolate, hoping I find another one someday, and a skein of brown chocolate in case I don't find another white. This seems to be an in-store only sort of yarn.)

I bought two skeins so that I could knit with two strands, and then decided to just do one strand and see how it turned out. After 16 rows, I did my section of the pet snuggle and decided to go back to two strands, no pattern. I frogged it, picked up the yarn from both skeins, cast on 60 stitches and started working the pattern, (having changed my mind while frogging). I knit 8 rows before quitting for the night.

Just before going to bed, I compared it to one of the placemats I'm using now and it's too short.

Driving in this morning, the Yarncraft podcast I was listening to had a segment about the importance of gauge swatches. Maybe I should pay attention?

I'm now thinking that I should do a gauge swatch rather than just frogging and casting on an extra 4 or 12 stitches. At this point, I might as well go all the way and find out if it is going to shrink in the wash before I go too much farther. Placemats are not exact, but I don't want them to be too small! And not making the swatch isn't exactly saving me time and effort! LOL

What are you all working on?
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