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Originally Posted by ABC's Mom View Post
If you are close to a Michaels they have a plastic storage box that is really for storing 4x6 photos but works great for my circs.
There are 16(Ithink) separate cases inside the larger box that is supposed to store photos, but they work perfect for circs. I can fit several of the smaller size needles in one case. The larger ones, like 9's and above there is only room for one in each case.
By having them in separate small cases it's easy to see what I already have so I don't buy too many duplicates.
I got mine when they were having a 1/2 off sale on scrapbook stuff. I also bought 2 other ones that aren't as deep with long dividers for my straight needles, double points and crochet hooks.
Could you post a picture of these cases?? I'd love to see them!!


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