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Originally Posted by KnitBeg View Post
Such a cute outfit! The hat really finishes it all... good job on starting with knitting in the round - I'm still putting it of myself

BTW, I also really like the tiny bracelet
Thanks! I decided on using the 2 circ's method, and although I still find it a bit awkward I think I'd find the others worse, lol. But I'm not a good knitter yet, and I'm still pretty clumsy with all of it, truth be told. If you decide to try it, there's an excellent video by Cat Bordhi that explains it all really clearly. I found others confusing. Although she forgets to tell you to put a marker at the beginning and she doesn't really emphasize pulling it tightly when you change needles. But the method is crystal clear - and it looks so darned easy when she does it! Wish I could knit continental style, I think it's just better for some things.

The bracelet was on the doll when it was given to me - so it either came with her, or my Mom made it. I'll never know.
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