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Dishcloth Poll
No voting box; this is both informal and open ended. What size do you make your dishclothes?

I'm trying to make placemats for my table, bypassing the swatch step, and have already frogged my work twice. This third attempt was supposed to be a swatch, but I ended up casting on beyond the swatch width and I'm thinking I might have gone too far.

There was a post in the forums this morning that reminded me that dishcloths are a good way to practice patterns, and I realized that if I called my swatch a dishcloth, I might be able to persuade myself to do it.

I'm going to frog my work again and make a swatch -- I mean dishcloth -- in my placemat pattern. I had planned to make my swatch 8"x8", but as I don't use cotton dishcloths myself (I use fluffy microfiber clothes and small cotton & netting knitted "scrubbies"), I wondered if that would be too big for one. Or too small.

Since it's really a matter of personal preference, I thought it would be fun to ask and see what everyone else does. Maybe I'll get a compelling reason to make it some other size.

I'm not setting up an actual voting poll because I am assuming that the sizes will vary a lot.
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