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Whoever knew pinto beans could taste so good?
I am salivating just thinking about these beans. Earlier in the week we cooked some garbanzo beans and made salads with them several nights in a row. Well, DH was inspired, plus there were no more cooked beans, so he started soaking pinto beans this morning. I had pulled out the pressure cooker earlier in the week for the garbanzo beans, so I figured I would cook the pintos up tonight. DH threw in some bacon, we cut an onion into eighths, and added some cumin and a little olive oil, OMG!
DH remarked he had never successfully cooked beans before, well, the pressure cooker does the trick. We each had a small serving, essentially our dessert, a little freshly ground sea salt and pepper, and some bean juice, voila! So very simple, but the flavor, amazing!
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