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Starting to think circular knitting is not for me
at least with circular needles anyway!

so the last time you all heard from me (aside from the owl pattern post) I had told you my finger pain was back - and i think that had started due to using metal fixed circulars - although im not 100% certain. so after a month or so of not knitting my fingers felt great and i picked up my plastic straights and continued finishing this blanket (which i am now beginning to hate cos its taking forever) and my hands and fingers felt fine. THEN I placed an order for knit pro (i believe thats knitters pride in US/Canada) 4mm Spectra needle tips and a 60 cm cable and started knitting my swatch for my project that i want to knit. After a few rows of knitting with those needles my hands begin to hurt. So i do the sensible thing and stop and rest and stretch and take a break for a long period. Start up again. Ah the pain returns. and its still there after 2 days and ive not knitted!

So i've come to the conclusion that a) knitting could possibly not be for me b) circular knitting could possibly not be for me or c) i need to try another material if acrylic or metal circular needles arent doing me any good.

What do you all think? Any advice out there?
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