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Originally Posted by KnittinGal View Post
Recycled yarn still on the brain...I got a sweater-vest at the thrift store the other day.

Shendeh, you mentioned that the sweater you bought was hand-knit. Can you only use handmade garments for recycling yarn? I took apart one that was commercial-made, but it was sooo hard to unravel because it was seamed with sewing thread along the edges. And now it's in about a dozen little skeins! Did I do something wrong? It's pretty fine, almost like sock yarn...actually, not even really like yarn. It's almost like embroidery floss, made up of little threads.

Also, I was wanting to use it for a lacey scarf, but since it's kink-y from being previously knit, will it make my scarf look rumply or something?
Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post
Hi KG!
If the seams are sewn with sewing thread, they are not a good choice for unravelling. Those seams have been serged, and the fabric is trimmed along the side as it is stitched. So, if you pull it apart, you will just get lots of yarn strands which are not very long. Now you have experience on your side, and know how to avoid those.

All yarn is curly when you unravel it. I usually wind it on a swift, or around a chairback, gently add some securing ties all around the hank, then get it wet, and gently squeeze it dry in a rolled up towel, then hang it to dry, with some weight pulling it straight. (Not too heavy, to avoid stretching) This pulls out the kinks, and it looks like new yarn.
According to Techknitter it's sometimes possible to iron out the kinks, but I would only use this method on yarn I know is clean. If in doubt I would use the wetting method and give the yarn a wash at the same time.
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