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Well, not good actually. The original yarn I purchased wasn't listed as discontinued where I bought it and was still listed on the brand website as being active. Though I bought what the pattern called for, I am a bit short. I went through every LYS here, 10 pages of google, even Ebay and Ravelry and no one has the yarn. I have the neckline decrease and the front shoulder pieces to do. I thought maybe I could take out part of the back and use smaller needles and use the worsted, but it would have been too noticeable even on the back so scratched that plan. I ordered a dk weight same brand and color name and number but it is cotton/elastic instead of cotton/nylon. When it gets here I am going to see if I could use it on the back and it match ok. Who knows? If not, I will have to rip the whole thing out I guess and give it up to bad luck. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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I like your hat and think the rib looks better and will give you the fit you want better than garter stitch, good call on a modify! Sorry 'bout the yarn weight mix up but the hat is gorgeous! So what about the sweater?
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