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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
I like mine between 9 to 12" square. Dishcloths in my house double as kitchen towels.

I used to use kitchen towels for napkins; when I realized I was doing that, I switched from paper napkins to cloth napkins. Then the kids came and I was constantly washing clean napkins because I couldn't tell if they'd used them; we're back to paper since it's easier to tell with paper whether or not they've touched them. I look forward to going back to cloth though -- I think they work better!

Then I stared using kitchen towels for placemats, so I bought some cotton placemats at Kohl's. They worked really well, but I only bought two sets (of six) and now that I want more, I can't find them any where.

I'm not sure what I'll need kitchen towels for after this. They'll be restricted to just wiping water off the counter and sink, until I decide to start making dishcloths!
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