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My miserable projects have been a baby hat, a dog sweater, and leg warmers. I also started a pinwheel blanket and a pi blanket. These are all patterns worked in the round.

I finished the baby hat and the dog sweater, started but could not bring myself to finish the second dog sweater, and quit the first legwarmer at bind-off. I frogged two attempts each on the pinwheel and pi blankets.

What I decided was that I don't like to knit in the round.

I may try it again later, but I think I need more practice than what I am able to give it.

Because I don't have a lot of time for knitting (and practicing), I'm also sticking to simple knit/purl patterns (no fancy lacework) so that I can put it down and pick it up days later and not have to fuss with trying to figure out where in the pattern I left off.

I have a lacy shawl pattern that I'm dying to make as a runner for my dresser, but I know that kind of a pattern is just going to frustrate me right now and I've put it aside. Not until "someday", but until either:

a) work takes less of my time,
b) the kids take less of my time,
c) I quit caring about the state of my house or
d) it becomes more important to me than it is right now.

I might be 80 years old, but one or all of those things are bound to happen *someday*!

I have a lot of fun and simple projects to keep myself busy with in the meantime.
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