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Originally Posted by MissMurder View Post
Thank you for all who helped. I don't think I'll block it though since i've never blocked anything before, don't want to screw it up and the only person who will see it in it's entirety will be my husband... I still don't know where to find Bias tape of any kind, I searched Joann's but that was a no. Does anybody have any ideas where to get it? Oh and also does anyone know where to buy Underwires for a DD?
Blocking a cotton knit isn't a permanent thing so if you blocked it and it wasn't just the way it should be, wet it and dry it again.

JoAnn should have bias tape. It's used for lots of things in sewing. Did you ask someone? If you're unfamiliar with the stuff you probably wouldn't know to look over in the section where they have threads, there should be a display with packages of the stuff.
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