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Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along
If I don't start the thread, I won't get to participate.

Over in the New favorite dishcloth pattern thread, a clever knitter suggested a Dishcloth KAL since there seemed to be a lot of KnittingHelp-ers who are making dishcloths, who enjoy making dishcloths, and who want to share their dishcloth patterns with other like-minded knitters.

I'm opening this thread for pattern links (especially, but not limited to, ones that have photos of the poster's version attached/linked/included), suggestions, recommendations, idea requests, and any other related (or not) chatter.

While this thread was inspired by a discussion about knitted dishcloths, I'm extending the invitation to crocheter's as well -- we can inspire each other, even if we don't use the exact same patterns, and some things (like dimensions and materials) are not craft-specific.

Please join the fun! What are *you* working on?
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