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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I like that pattern. I've about decided I don't like the blanket rib. It's a knitter's prerogative to change her mind. Blanket Rib

I use cloth napkins. Maybe I'll just knit up a new batch since the ones I have could probably register to vote. When the kids were younger and I figured the napkins could be used more than once we each had our own napkin ring.

That looks like it comes out nice and soft and squishy. Maybe too squishy for not-blankets?

Napkin rings are a clever idea -- I hadn't thought of that! Still, we're committed now and it's nice that when the classrooms ask for more napkins, I can just tuck a bundle into the appropriate backpack, plus they're handy for all those inevitable potlucks that come with after school activities.
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