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Originally Posted by kayeknit View Post
Have you ever worked on a project that made you so miserable that you were on the point of giving up knitting altogether? Why did you hate it so much? What did you do... Did you finish the project, or chuck it? How did it turn out in the end?

I am working on a sock that's making me as mad as a hatter. It's taken me FOREVER to finish the first one, and it's too small, but I would never consider ripping out and beginning this nightmare again. As per my personality, I have to at least finish the one I started (I'm nearly done). The pattern is "Embossed Leaves" and I think I must be the only person who hates it (for so many reasons!). Anyway, I seriously doubt I'll ever have the will in me to knit the second sock...

You have one sock, and loathe knitting the pattern? Why not consider using the one sock as a Christmast stocking? My first itchy scratchy awful yarn sock is now my dogs stocking. Just a thought... Don't kill yourself knitting something you hate!


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