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Originally Posted by IslandTime View Post
Thanks Claire! You'd see a few changes if you came here now, lol. But it's still beautiful, and they've kept the waterfront totally accessible to everyone. The Bastion got a rebuild a couple of years ago, the downtown looks much the same I'm sure, but it's spruced up and so pretty now - still the winding streets and cobblestone heritage look. Pop about 80,000. North end of town has all the usual city stores.

When I go out there shopping, I usually take the high road which has a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains, and coming home I often see a ferry coming in to the Bay - we've lived here 8 years now, and I still can't believe how lucky I am. Yes, I it.

Did you live here?
I lived in Washington State from 1978 - 1985; two years in Sumas, and five years in Bellingham. Visited Nanaimo a couple of times, the cobblestone and winding roads. We plan a move back to California in the near future and I am looking forward to a Pacific Northwest road trip.
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