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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
That's what I thought. Further consideration makes me realize that the harder one is the one you're waiting for at this moment. When should you have them? I want to hear all about how you love them! I'm almost as excited for you as I would be for me.
Oh my, you & I are philosophers of waiting, aren't we! The webs site said I could delivery within about 9 days of placing the order ( 2-3 for order fulfillment, and about 6 for shipping), but surprisingly they were in my mailbox Saturday when we returned from the humane society with Gizmo. I only learned this when I found the needles in my seat Sunday morning.

Only a new fur baby could prove more interesting than a new set of needles!

Now that I've opened them, I can hardly wait to cast on with them... more applied philosophy of waiting is at hand.


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