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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
Jan, I use it in my neck and upper shoulders (traps), but only if I'm having a really bad day. It works well for any arthritic part, and it doesn't smell awful. But my copay even w/ insurance was $50. It was a 100 gram tube and I've had it for a year, it's about half used up. I love ibuprofen but it makes me bruise like crazy; also tough on stomach and kidneys. Between good posture, ergonomic remodel at work, stretching/yoga, Voltaren and Cymbalta I'm a much happier camper.
Amen to the kidney part!! As a well seasoned dialysis nurse we all avoid NSAIDS if we can due to the damage it does to the kidneys. I do admit taking them once in awhile for headaches, or currently for the pain I'm having with a new crown. But never more than once a day and only if I have to. Really want to keep the old kidneys working as they should.
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