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Originally Posted by MrsJacks View Post
From Knitty Deep Fall 2012. I love this pattern. I love lace charts. The only problem? I can't decipher this darn chart! This is the chart. I understand all of the symbols. The problem is that there isn't a single description in the pattern itself somewhat educating the knitter on how to work the chart. Most patterns with an accompanying chart will say, "this is the x-number of stitches repeat and you'll repeat it this number of times" or "you will work each row of the chart twice per row".

I'm assuming the portion in the purple box is the pattern repeat, but is column 21 the center stitch and after that you work columns 22-39 after the center stitch, using the same pattern repeat from the purple box? I got so irritated trying to summon my chart reading mojo that I cast-on for another shawl, but I really don't like being licked by a pattern. I shan't be defeated! I was just wondering if maybe another set of eyeballs on the pattern could help me clarify how I work those rows. I would certainly appreciate any input here!
Yes, it's late. It looks like you knit column 1, then repeat columns 2-20 17 times, then knit columns 21-39. The shawl is beautiful.
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