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No Circle Cloth for me.
After goofing the 2nd border on my washcloth three times and frogging it all three times, I decided a change of pace was in order. Can't help but wonder how much getting the Giz had to do with that...

So I cast on for my circle cloth dishcloth with my new needles in the size I usually use for Dishie, Size 9. But after working through the pattern to get 2 rows of circles, it felt funny in my hands while working, so I decided against finishing it and frogged it too.

I do love how the pattern stitch looks, just not how it felt when in work. Maybe I knit tighter on the new needles, and I need to move up to 10s.

The new Nova Cubics feel great, BTW, much easier to hold. Now, if I can just leave Gizmo alone long enough to get the second border right on my washcloth...


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