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It's completely ripped back now and will start again soon. Gramma on this pattern the short rows are not wrapped and picked up as they usually are - we're just meant to turn the work around.

I'm just guessing but I think my problem is that sometimes I'm turning the work right at a purl set and this might be completely mathematical issue since I reduced the number of co stitches to 90 (from 126 in the original pattern I think). Many complaints that the fo was much to large. Using a smaller needle size helps as well, a 6 was suggested in quite a few posts so I went ahead with that size.

I'm not sure if using the original amount of stitches means that you will always make a turn right before a knit set of stitches in which case the wording need not be specific -- in that case the slip is always consistent and I wouldn't have to switch back and forth (whether landing on knit or purl like I am now).

I wish I can explain this much better Thanks both of you for being patient with me.
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