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Pattern help
I am working a pattern fleurette lace which is multiples of 6 plus 5 (14 rows)followed by a horseshoe and lace pattern which is multiple of 24 plus 11 (16 rows). the specific row I am working is a decreasing row row 5 in the fleurette pattern.

The repetition is k1, yo, ssk, k1 k2tog, yo

The instructions say: work pattern row 5 and remove first marker work to 2nd marker ending in k2 before marker, sl marker, ssk, work 7 stitches at center of the chart, k2tog, sl marker, work row 5 to the end, remove 4tH marker

I'm confused because the pattern is multiples of 6.

Vogue spring/summer2007. Lace cardigan.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Thanks Gretchen
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