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Pattern help - continued
Hi - thank you for responding. I am working on the back.

The markers section off a section with 15 stitches (middle of the back) as per the previous pattern schematic (horseshoe and lace) which totals 16 rows. Now I am trying to shape the waste with the fleurette pattern which is in multiples of 6. Row 1&3 are knit; rows 2&4 are purl. On each knit row I decrease one stitch at either end of the 15 stitch section. this leaves me with 11 stitches. I knit row 5 as per the instructions until I get to this section. It then effectively instructs me to decrease another 2 stitches at each end of the section --- and that leaves me with 7 stitches in the middle. My confusion stems from the fact that the pattern is in multiples of 6 stitches.

I am happy to send the pattern to you but the pdf file exceeds the attachment size allowable by the forum --- any thoughts? .

does this help clarify anything for you --- I am afraid I remain very confused.

Thank you so much

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